Mobile Web Design

Most sites can be viewed on the smaller screens of today's handheld devices such as the iPhone and Droid. However, must sites have not been optimized to match the smaller display screens these devices have, so you have to do a lot of resizing and horizontal scrolling to view these sites. I will optimize your site to fit on these smaller screens. Giving you an advantage over your competition for the millions of users who now browse the web using these devices.

You can pay 50% down and the rest when the site is ready to launch, or you can pay in full upfront and save 10% on your order. Each additional optimized page over five is only $60.

Mobile Web Design $499
  • Mobile Web Design - Convert your current site, up to five pages of content, optimized for handheld devices such as the iPhone and Droid. Each additional page is only $85.
  • Contact Form - A contact form will let users get in touch with you. The form can be on it's own page, on the home page or both.
  • Photos - I will include one user provided image or one stock image per page.
  • Mobile Web Design