About TruePixel Web Design

Hello, my name is Norm Norris and I have been designing web sites since 1999. I got my start in web design when I was working for BFK Sports in Las Vegas. At the time BFK was a mail-order company selling kites via a printed catalog mailed out to thousands of customers. We knew that the future of the business was selling kites online instead of mail order, so I taught myself HTML and Photoshop and, along with another person who worked at the shop, began to design and build the website for the company. In April 1999 the name of the company was change and we launched the WindPower Sports website. The first couple of years for the site were tough, it wasn't clear whether the site would succeed. We kept working to improve the site and slowly traffic and sales picked up to where today WindPower Sports is one of the most popular kite shops on the web.

I stopped working full time at WindPower Sports in 2000 for a job with Gateway Computers. I remained and continue to be their webmaster, working on the site during my time off. I have worked several other day jobs over the years, and considered web design just a hobby. I found I enjoyed doing web design work considerably more than my day jobs, so I finally decided that I wanted to make a career as a full time web designer. I got a job as a project manager and web designer at a local firm here in town. I worked there for awhile learning the business before striking it out on my own.

I constantly strive to improve my design skills and abilities. I am mostly self taught, but I have taken a few classes on web design and layout. I keep up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices by reading the top design blogs, web sites, and books, including:

If you are interested in hiring me as your web designer please feel free to call me at 702-530-6767, or send me an email via my contact form. Thanks.