Flash Optimization

If you currently have a Flash only website, chances are the site has not been optimized to display in sites that don't support Flash such as the iPhone and iPad. Google's search bot is also unable to read the content on many Flash only sites which can cost you traffic and customers if they can't find you site. I will build a site underneath the Flash so devices that can display Flash will be able to display this alternate content. The site will also be optimized for Google.

If you are unsure whether your Flash site needs to be optimized for search engines or non-Flash devices please contact me for a free consultation.

You can pay 50% down and the rest when the site is ready to launch, or you can pay in full upfront and save 10% on your order. Each additional optimized page over five is only $60.

Flash Optimization $399
  • Flash Optimization - Up to five pages of content optimized for non-Flash devices and made search engine friendly.
  • Contact Form - A contact form will let users get in touch with you. The form can be on it's own page, on the home page or both.
  • Photos - I will include one user provided image or one stock image per page.
  • Flash Optimization