Web Design Projects: Vegaroos

Site Description

PopVortex is a pop culture site that uses an affiliate and advertising business model. The site will feature both original content and content provided by the site's partners. Current original content includes their list of the 100 Greatest Albums of All Time. The site also includes chart lists provided by iTunes, including the current top 100 songs, top 100 albums, top 40 music videos, audiobook best sellers, top 20 movies, top 40 TV shows and more.  Future plans for the site include developing a user driven pop culture news section.

Project Details and Features

PopVortex was built mainly using HTML, CSS and PHP. iTunes charts were added to the site using PHP to convert Apple's iTunes RSS feeds to standard HTML so they could be formatted and including in a web page. The site will eventually by driven by a MySQL database to allow users to comment on article and stories and allow them to submit news to the site.

Site Technologies and Software