Web Design Projects: WindPower Sports

Site Description

WindPower Sports is one of the most popular kite stores on the internet. They carry a large variety of kites including stunt kites, single line kites, and power kites. They also carry a large selection of kiting accessories and wind powered vehicles such as kite buggies and landsailers.

More than just a retail kite shop, the site also has an educational how to section as well as photo and video galleries.

Project Details and Features

The site was originally launched in 1999 and has undergone several redesigns since then, you can see the original version of the site at the Internet Archive. The last major redesign was in 2012, and the site is constantly being updated with new features and evolutionary changes to improve the performance and look of the site.

Site Technologies and Software
eCommerce Shopping Cart
Javascript / jQuery
Mobile Site Design
Flash Optimization
Video Editing